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The Shokov Family

The Hotel Shoky and Shoky Ski School are owned and ran by the Chokov Family, which is led by the Matriarch, Baba (grandmother) Ganka, her son Stojan and his wife Snezha and their two daughters, Gergana and Katja. There is also a resident cat called Puchie (Fluffy), and last but not least, there is the family pet, Barry, the most fearsome looking, but, never the less, friendliest of dogs.

Stojan skied for Bulgaria at international level in the Slalom, Giant Slalom and Down Hill whilst Snezha did the same, but in Cross-Country and Biathlon.

Gergana, although only 19, has already represented her country at European level in the Slalom, Giant Slalom and Super G, whilst Katja, at only 15, has raced in national competitions. (It must be in the blood.)

Stojan and Snezha speak very good English - Gergana and Katja are learning fast.