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Bulgaria is situated in the southeast of Europe, on the Balkan Peninsula. Its capital is Sofia.

Open a map of Europe, find Bulgaria and look to the bottom, left of centre, and find the town of Plovdiv. Travel south, in the direction of Greece, to the town of Assenograd and then on to Chepelare.

Buses leave Sofia at 08.00; 13.00; 14.00; 15.00; 16.00; 17.00 and 18.00 for Smolyan, which is 25km beyond Chepelare. The bus station is next to the Princess Hotel. (ex Europa Novatel)

From Plovdiv, buses leave every hour from the bus station "Rhodopi", which is next to the railway station.

If you travelling by car, take care on the road between Assenograd and Chepelare. Falling stones can be a hazard on the mountain stretches. In winter be prepared for snow and ice conditions. (Snow chains are a good idea.)

If you are to stay in the Hotel Shoky, Stojan can arrange pick-up from Sofia.

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