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Chepelare lies in the centre of the Rhodope Mountains at 1150 metres above the sea level. It is a typical Bulgarian mountain municipality and sits astride a river by the same name. Pamporovo, the famous winter ski resort, is 12km away and Smolyan, the local district authority town is about 25km distant.
The climate is mild continental with four distinct seasons, Chepelare being the sunniest place in Bulgaria with an average of 270 days sunshine. Summer is warm, colourful and bright and winter is long, snowy and white.
The population is approximately 9500 with 6000 or so actually living in the village, the remainder living and working in neighbouring hamlets and farms. 73% of the countryside is covered in forests, the remaining meadows providing farmland for cultivation and grazing. (Locally grown potatoes are much sought after in the rest of Bulgaria.)
The forests provide a haven for bear, wild boar, the grey rabbit, the fox, wild goat and deer. The flora and fauna are truly something to behold. (Pesticides and chemical fertiliser have